Thinking Digital Ads? Think Again!

Posted on Mar 23, 2017

Did you know? You are more likely to summit Mount Everest than click a banner ad.


With at least 33% of all web traffic considered fake and digital ad fraud running rampant,  it is no wonder that traditional advertising is making a comeback.

Here are even more reasons to consider transit advertising:

Transit   Digital 
Timely ads. With bus advertising you are reaching your consumers while in their daily routines and buying zones. People are out and about looking to spend money! check No | Houck Transit Advertising
Reach. You will be able to reach individuals, families, professionals, students, shoppers and tourists who are either in their cars or are walking by, close to the point of purchase. check No | Houck Transit Advertising
It can’t be ignored. People can’t turn off transit advertisements or click away like they do with digital ads! check No | Houck Transit Advertising
Real people see your ad, not robots! FraudLogix reported 50% of ad impressions served to Internet Explorer, and 20% of those served to Google’s Chrome browsers were “nonhuman” traffic. check No | Houck Transit Advertising
Affordable Advertising. We are proud to offer a medium that will help grow your business without breaking the bank. check No | Houck Transit Advertising

Using digital now and love it? That’s okay!

Digital and transit signs are very effective when used together. Transit advertising reinforces digital messages when viewers are away from their computers during the course of daily activities!

Can you afford not to be on the bus?
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