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Why Queen Bus Ads

We think that sometimes the most powerful person within the castle walls is the queen. Queen bus ads are no different. They are powerful, influential and get what they want. Queen bus ads are placed on the curbside of the bus and are a great way to reach the kingdom’s loyal subjects – pedestrians, daily bus riders and cross traffic. See what we did there?

Queen bus ads are affordable and effective. The affordable rates allow you to have multiple queen signs up in a market. More queen signs = outstanding reach and frequency.  By using queen bus ads you will be able to project your message throughout the market to thousands of people throughout the market.

If you are looking for that option so that your brand can reach the whole kingdom, we have to say, the queen rules all!

  • Target bus riders and cross traffic.
  • Budget friendly for both small and large businesses.
  • The reasonable rates make it possible to saturate the market with ads.

Why Transit Advertising

Bus advertising offers advertisers a fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting a broad audience with an in-your-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

Bus ads are highly effective for achieving most marketing goals like announcing new products, seasonal specials and general branding. Bus ads capture consumers’ attention so they act upon a particular promotion immediately. Bus ads also build familiarity with your brand, so customers will think of you when making purchasing decisions.

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