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King Kong Bus Ads cover the entire center section of the bus giving you the ability to keep your message top of mind.

Why King Kong Bus Ads

Have you looked longingly at the full bus wrap and thought… wow, I wish I could, but not today. Enter, the King Kong bus ad! The King Kong bus ad is a great option for the brand that is looking to make a BIG impact.

King Kong bus ads allow for massive creativity. Because of the large area, there is some pretty cool stuff that you can do. Creative cut-outs, fusion opportunities and hybrid options just to name a few. King Kong bus ads really are the creative designers dream. Your brand will stand out against the competition and you will reach your audience in a way that is impactful, unique and memorable.

The good news keeps on coming! For the monthly cost of what it would cost to advertise on a billboard, you could put that money towards King Kong ads on 2-3 buses in a market that travel on the streets where your target audience is.

  • Makes and impact on your audience at an affordable price.
  • Increased brand recognition and retention.
  • The creative options are limitless!

Why Transit Advertising

Bus advertising offers advertisers a high impact, fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting a broad audience with an in-you-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

Bus ads are highly effective for achieving most marketing goals like announcing new products, seasonal special and general branding. Bus Ads capture consumers’ attention so they act upon a particular promotion immediately. Bus Ads also build familiarity with your brand, so customers will think of you when making purchasing decisions.

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