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Posted on May 9, 2016

I am proud to be an Out of Home Advertising nerd. I will be the first to admit I have ran out of a restaurant mid meal to take a picture of a fully wrapped bus or have stopped traffic because I am mesmerized by the billboards lined along the highway. Being in the advertising industry we all eat, breathe and sleep what is current, new and developing. In fall 2015, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) implemented Feel the Real campaign. It was one hell of a reality check within the Outdoor vs. Digital advertising world and things got REAL.

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So what was this madness about? The OAAA set out an experiment to reveal how Out of Home Advertising provides digital engagement through real world interaction. This interaction included 1,400 units of donated Out of Home Advertising throughout 20 of the nation’s largest markets. This space included digital and tradition billboards, transit, bus shelters, Time Squares spectaculars, bus and mobile vehicles, as well as digital place-based screens and posters. The inventory was there, the placement was right, all there was left to do was convey a message that would connect to the world of media in a real way. The realness launched no better time than Advertising Week located in the heart of New York, City.  Conversation sparked when the central message of “This Ad Is Real.” splashed the 20 markets including a URL directing its audience to FeelTheReal.org.

Outdoor Advertising | Feel the Real

So what was the connection? Why did the OAAA want to communicate Out of Home advertising as “REAL”? OAAA describes it as “a very serious inside joke”. Today, this advertising world is so wrapped around a digital presence when media planning. When in reality, digital has become complex, cloudy, intrusive and overall uncertain. The OAAA Feel The Real study reveals only 8% of real eyes actually view a digital ad, 54% of online display ads are non-viewable, 61.5% is bot traffic and 25% concluded to fraud. Shouldn’t we question ourselves when the term “ad view ability” is a main topic when planning a digital campaign?  It’s time to uncover the real facts and realize the value of Out of Home Advertising. Out of Home is a trusting media which creates real impressions and these real impression drive real digital engagement, hence “This Ad is Real”.

We live in a world where we are out of our homes more than ever, our mobile device are our best friend and google answers all. Out of Home Advertising creates the highest mobile searches more than any other medium. OAAA Feel the Real study uncovered, 23% of people exposed to Out of Home Advertising use their mobile devices to search for more information vs. 16% of other media. The study also mentions Out of Home Advertising is 3 times more efficient at driving online search activity than TV, radio and print. Out of Home Advertising is everywhere whether you like it or not. You can’t turn this medium off, switch the channel or DVR over it. It is a form of advertising that is real and will be real for years to come.

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Feel the Real campaign ran for 7 weeks at the end of 2015. During, FeelTheReal.org received 27,061 unique visitors, 40% of which came from media, marketing and advertising professionals. These unique visitors not only came to FeelTheReal.org but they stayed, averaging an industry-high of 2.09 minutes. Can you say target market? AND how about that engagement! This campaign also created buzz throughout the industry showing up in Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal, Agency Spy and many more. An unbranded REAL ad caused this digital interaction, conversation and overall impact. The possibilities are endless with Out of Home Advertising. Make sure to implement this REALNESS in your next advertising campaign.

Real is becoming rare in our society. A real face to face conversation is less common then sending a text. Fake is becoming too much of a norm. Fraud has taken an unwanted presence in our lives. Don’t let your advertising fall into this mess. A balanced marketing mix helps a campaign be successful. Be smart and real when allocating your advertising dollars.

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