Houck Transit Advertising is #OPSProud

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

We are excited to partner with Omaha Public Schools and First Nebraska Educators Credit Union to promote a very proud accomplishment by the community’s district. In 2015-16, OPS student achieved the highest test scores in district history! OPS implemented a fully wrapped bus advertising to honor this great achievement to the Omaha community.

Omaha Public Schools | Full Bus WrapTo celebrate the hard work of the students, teachers, staff, parents and overall OPS community, the OPS bus toured two of its most dedicated schools, Wakonda Elementary and Castelar Elementary.  At each school, a handful of students were chosen to sign the fully wrapped. Some students even shared their story of why they were proud to be an OPS student.

“I am proud to be a OPS student because teachers are really invested in the student future.” – Julio

“I am proud to be OPS because administrators really care about students, staff and the community.” — Carmen

Student Bus Signing

Student Bus Signing

This campaign overall brings a large amount of community involvement and really recognizes the hard work of the OPS district. To go above and beyond, OPS has implemented a social media campaign encouraging the public to safely snap a photo of the new wrapped bus with the hashtag #CongratsOPS. Those who participate receive a gift card thanks the OPS’s sponsors, First Nebraska Educators Credit Union. Keep your eye out for this newly wrapped bus Omaha! You don’t want to miss it!

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