Put Your Marketing Campaign In Motion —
Let the Independence city buses rev up your business!

Advertising on Independence buses give you the best opportunity to increase your customer base and grow your company. We can tailor a package to fit any size ad budget with multiple options ranging from interior ads (to target riders) to full bus wraps (to target drivers and pedestrians). The job of a public transit system is to target the highest concentrations of people in a city, this means your ad goes where the people go! It gives you the opportunity to project your message to the local community!

Bus ads act as mobile billboards (at eye-level) that cover each market many times a day! Transit advertising enables you to project your message at Independence’s various shopping centers, health care facilities, as well as the downtown and other heavily trafficked commercial and residential areas multiple times daily!

Bus ads are an eye-catching medium that exposes your ad campaign to the masses, with daily exposure in a vibrant, stand-alone environment. An all month-long presence means your potential clients will see your ads multiple times, generating behavior-changing frequency levels while keeping your name top-of-mind throughout Independence.

About IndeBus

  • Number of Vehicles: 9
  • Number of Routes: 6
  • Areas Served: Independence

Shopping Center Coverage: Independence Center, Price Chopper, Sun Fresh, Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart,

Medical Center Coverage: Centerpoint Medical Center, Comprehensive Mental Health Services,

Schools: MCC Blue River

Additional Coverage: Fairmont Community Center, Genealogy Library, Mount Washington Apartments,

Why Bus Advertising in Independence

Bus advertising offers advertisers a high impact, fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting the overall Independence population with an in-your-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

We also serve Johnson County’s “The Jo” and have a partnership with KCATA. Let us help you with all of your transit advertising needs in the Kansas City metro!

To put your Campaign In Motion with bus advertising in Independence, call us at 800-777-7290 or request information.