Fond du Lac Area transit, the city bus system that serves the Fond du Lac area, gives you the best opportunity to advertise your businesses’ message to existing and potential customers while staying active throughout the city each and every day!

Advertising your business on the Fond du Lac Area Transit allows you the best opportunity to increase your customer base and grow your company. Transit advertising is a great out of home option because of its low cost and the high impact it makes in each market.  The job of a public transit system is to target the highest concentrations of people in a city giving you the opportunity to project your message to the local community! The buses act as mobile billboards that cover each market many times a day!

About Fond du Lac Area Transit

  • Number of Vehicles: 7
  • Number of Routes: 9
  • Average Monthly Ridership: 12,000+ for fixed routes
  • Areas Served: Fond du Lac

Shopping Center Coverage: Festival Foods, Fleet Farm, Forrest Mall, South Town, Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly, Target, Walmart, Jo Ann Fabrics, TJ Maxx, Walgreens, and downtown businesses

Medical Center Coverage: St Agnes Hospital, Agnesian South Clinic

College/University Coverage: UW – Fond du Lac, Moraine Park Technical College, Marian University

Additional Coverage:  City County and Government buildings, YMCA, Job Center, DMV, Fond du Lac Public Library,  Social Security Offices,  Downtown Post Office, Fond du Lac County Pool, Rolling Meadow Golf Course, Fond du Lac County Fair Grounds, Fond du Lac Children’s Museum, Greyhound Bus Station,  Lakeside Park, Mercury Marine, Brooke Industries, and the loop bike trail

Why Bus Advertising on Fond du Lac Area Transit?

Bus advertising offers advertisers a high impact, fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting a broad audience with an in-you-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

To put your Campaign In Motion with bus advertising in Fond du Lac, call us at (800) 777-7290 or request information.